Free Nurturing Families Program to begin in Ashland County

Free Nurturing Families Program for Ashland County provides guidance and support for parents, babies, toddlers & preschoolers.

There’s no manual for parenting, however, there are best practices and experienced professionals who have great advice on helping one become a nurturing parent.  Learning new skills to make good and healthy lifestyle choices while bonding with your child is the root of this program.  The free nurturing families program is run throughout NE Ohio.

Nurturing Families Program Overview:

Who can Participate:  Any parent or caregiver who is currently pregnant or has at least one child age birth to five years old.
Where is the Program?  It is completely virtual now and the 1:1 interactive sessions can be attended digitally.
Length of Program: There are seven 1-hour sessions.
Cost:  Free!
Topics Covered:
  • Your Questions
  • Discipline
  • Child development & parenting skills
  • Stress management
  • Support systems & Self-care
  • Social & emotional skills and attachment
Incentives:  There is additional support for completing milestones during the Nurturing Families Program course including $50 grocery gift cards, engaging toys & children’s books for all children under age 5 at home as well as a safety kit.
Call 330-543-0736

Unsure of what the program entails:  Check out Taneisha and Jaxson’s story here:

Nurturing Families Program helps new mom ‘Be the best mom I can be’

Free Nurturing Families Program

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Free Nurturing Families Program

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