Free PreK Playdates at Belden Village Mall

Stark County’s Belden Village Mall & Newsymom Host Fabulous, Free Prek-Playdates once per month at the mall courtesy of Kumon N. Canton!

Newsymom & Belden Village (BV) Mall’s Free PreK Playdates are on the 2nd Friday of each month from 11:00 am- 11:30 am.  Most playdates will be in the Center Court of BV Mall.

Next is May 13th at 11 am!

FREE- but register first to save a spot, as there is limited capacity!

Belden Village – Newsymom Playdates 

belden village mall playdatesA chance for Moms, Dads, Sitters, & Grandparents to get out of the house, take their little ones to a safe and spacious location and enhance their learning at Belden Village Mall courtesy of Kumon Math & Reading Center of N. Canton.

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Let the littles interact with others their age at the Free PreK Playdate as well as a licensed veteran teacher leading the playdate.  It will be a teacher-guided storytime including:

📗Listen to Stories

🎶Sing Songs (If you can’t sing good, sing LOUD)

🎨Create Crafts

👉Play Games

💟Shop the mall after the playdate or eat at the Food Court🥨!

🎉There are baby and child-friendly potties as well as tables and chairs located in the food court area!

🙏Courtesy of: Kumon Math & Reading Center of N. Canton

Free PreK Playdates

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