Free PreK Playdates at Belden Village Mall & New Towne Mall

Stark County’s Belden Village Mall and Tuscarawas County’s New Towne Mall & Newsymom Host Fabulous, Free Prek-Playdates on the Second Friday each month!

TWO opportunities each month for those living in Stark and Tuscarawas counties.  Newsymom’s  Free PreK Playdates are on the 2nd Friday of each month from 11:00 am- 11:30 am in the Center Court (middle) of Belden Village (BV) Mall (sponsored by Kumon Math & Reading Center of N. Canton).


12:00pm at New Towne Mall by the Children’s play area (sponsored by New Towne Mall).

FREE- 2nd Friday Each Month!
FREE- but register first to save a spot, as there is limited capacity!
Belden Village – Newsymom Playdates 
New Towne Mall – Newsymom Playdates


belden village mall playdatesA chance for Moms, Dads, Sitters, & Grandparents to get out of the house, take their little ones to a safe and spacious location, and enhance their learning at Belden Village Mall in Canton courtesy of Kumon Math & Reading Center of N. Canton and New Towne Mall in New Philadelphia.

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Let the littles interact with others their age at the Free PreK Playdate as well as a licensed veteran teacher leading the playdate.  It will be a teacher-guided storytime including:

📗Listen to Stories

🎶Sing Songs (If you can’t sing good, sing LOUD)

🎨Create Crafts

👉Play Games

💟Shop the mall after the playdate or eat at the Food Court🥨!

🎉There are baby and child-friendly potties as well as tables and chairs located in the food court area!

🙏Belden Village Mall’s is Courtesy of: Kumon Math & Reading Center of N. Canton (serves children 3 and up in extra math and reading help!)

🙏 New Towne Mall’s is Courtesy of: New Towne Mall

There is no charge to attend! On the second Friday each month, a Newsymom team will be at each location.

Belden Village Mall begins at 11:00 a.m.

New Towne Mall begins at 12:00 pm Noon!

Join us for all kinds of fun games, songs, crafts, and more! 

Free PreK Playdates

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