Got Goals? The New School Year Offers New Opportunity for Growth

In addition to bringing parents some relief, the new school year brings new opportunities. In order to make the most of the fresh start, parents can help children to identify concrete goals for the new school year and establish paths to obtaining them.

New Year, New Goals

The new school year offers kids the opportunity for a fresh start. No matter what happened in the previous year, it’s important to help children see the opportunities for growth and change. The first step is helping kids to identify realistic goals as they start the school year. When doing so, Scholastic Parents recommend parents keep the following in mind:

  • Be specific and realistic
  • Adjust your mindset
  • Embrace today

New School Year Resolution

Another approach to goal setting is to think about making a new school year resolution. PBS Kids suggests this fun and creative approach to thinking about the new school year. Some easy ideas for new school year resolutions include:

Brainstorm Together

Parents may need to help kids brainstorm ideas and refine their goals. VeryWell Family reminds parents to discuss the purpose of setting goals with kids and teach the language of goal-setting as they listen and brainstorm together. Some questions that can help generate ideas for new school year goals are:

  • Are there any new academic skills you want to learn and/or improve?
  • Do you have any school-related strengths and/or weaknesses you’d like to focus on this year?
  • I noticed you’ve learned how to ___________. What would you like to do next with that skill?
  • Is there anything that you want to work on at school this year?
  • What’s your favorite/least favorite subject?
  • What do you think your teachers or friends might suggest you work on?

Make a Plan and Record Progress

Once you’ve established goals for the new year, it’s important to make a plan to measure progress towards them. The Scholar Within offers a 4 step plan and free downloadable worksheet to help:

1. Write Your Goals Down

The first step is to clearly define what you want to accomplish. Try to make concrete goals that are not vague. The new year is a time that is great to set a big audacious goal that might put you out of your comfort zone, but that is still attainable.

2. Define the Steps Necessary to Accomplish Your Goals

Write clear detailed steps for what you must do to make progress toward achieving your goal.

3. Plan Your Day, Week, and Month

Figure out when and where you are currently using your time and figure out where you can schedule a little bit of time each week to work on your goal.

4. Review and Reflect

At the end of each week, review what you have done over the week. It is a perfect time to reflect on what you did well, what you struggled with, and what you want to do the next week. By actively reflecting and writing down your successes and struggles, you are able to look at your performance objectively. Make sure to celebrate your successes each week!

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