Grace IS Enough

They cannot see my heart beats, but each beat is for them.-Grace IS Enough

You name it, sugar, flour, popcorn, fruit snacks, granola bars and then some all on the floor at the same time, and not because I don’t clean my house but because the twins have turned a page in their development where they like to eat and they raid the kitchen now. The condiments (sugar and flour) are for recreational play time the others are for them to take with them as they watch movies all over the house.

On top of them, Jael has decided that she is bordering the fine line of toddler and big kid, which like any emotional transition in our lives this is full of tears, fears, and indecisiveness. So, my patience is being tried as I try to steady her boat in this rocky sea.

It’s been all about green hair, Minecraft, and in Joah’s world, basketball is boring so I am constantly reminded of how much he prefers to play football, not basketball. But since we are raising a man who finishes what he started we decided he was going to stick around and finish the season. And boy did his team finish, right on top where champions belong!!! He pushed through and made it at the expense of his video game time on Saturdays.

It has been a busy and rough few weeks, busy in a great sense because my husband I got some time in with our friends separately. Between weddings, baby sprinkles, dinners, work and hanging out we managed to make it through the nights where we slept pretty much on the floor (that’s how it truly felt lol) because the little kids found their way into our bed. We managed to make it through the tired mornings and busy day to day bustle.

I am convinced grace is enough. While I can laugh now at how chaotic and tiresome my tribe can be I am convinced that grace is the key to my smile and opens the doors for me when I feel like everything is caving in. I just want to remind you guys the grace of God is so full and encompasses everything you need. For the new mommies, whose schedules are all thrown off or for the mommies who feel like their lives have 2 settings mom and maid. Grace is enough. I know that the grace of God is carrying me and it keeps me laughing and not crying, it keeps me recounting the story to make others laugh and stabilize the feelings in me that make me think things are falling apart. When in reality they are all coming together for my good and my grace is shining like my grey hair! His grace, his grace, his grace, his grace is enough for me. I can only the be the best mother I can be when I remember it is his grace and not me. I pray that as your kids float on in their journeys that you see the grace of God working in your life because it is enough. It’s enough for me when I think that there is no rest for me or no help. Grace is enough when I worry about bridging the gaps between the kids and how to spread my love equally. His grace is enough. May your days be filled with grace; may the grace of God shine in every area and lift you up when you want to give up.

Be blessed mommas


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