Guys with Ties Begins at Avondale Today

The Plain Local School District is announcing the start of the Guys with Ties program at Avondale Elementary.

Guys with Ties is a leadership group for third-grade boys under the direction of Physical Education Teacher, Kent Hamilton and Community Liaison, Mary Jane Wolf.

Officials say the group’s motto is “Look good, Feel good, Do good.”

Third-grade boys who are a part of the group have agreed to give up their recess and lunch to participate in a monthly luncheon.

On these days, the boys are encouraged to wear a tie to school.

During the luncheon, Mr. Hamilton delivers lessons on a variety of topics including Dining Etiquette, Showing Respect to the Elderly/Females, Community Service, Importance of Saying Thank You, Introducing Yourself, and Goal Setting.

Guest speakers from around the community will also be asked to join the luncheons to share their personal experiences with students.

Michaela Madison Reporting

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