Hang on to those Math Facts and Resist the Summer Slide

Math fluency sets a critical foundation for children’s math education. Getting the basic arithmetic functions down and, beyond that, making sure they’re able to quickly recall math facts helps kids advance and focus on more complex problem-solving instead of simple computation. Retaining math fact knowledge over the summer ensures that kids don’t lose their math fluency in a summer slide.

While knowing that our kids should practice their math facts over the summer is easy, convincing them to do so is quite a bit more difficult. Luckily, practicing math facts doesn’t have to be so boring or tedious. The Blog, Math and Movement gives parents some inspiration to combine math fluency practice with outdoor fun with activities like:

  • Chalk Number Line Run
  • Sort and Measure Sticks
  • Hula Hoop Addition
  • Math Fact Basketball
  • Find and Count Bug Hunt

When your child cannot get outdoors, other options for math facts include:

Whatever parents decide works best for their children, the important thing is that kids consistently practice so they can hang on to their math facts and resist that summer slide!


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