Happy Holidays? Single in the New Year

Did you know? January is considered one of the biggest months for divorce and dissolution filings. It can be unpleasant and difficult to navigate.

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Getting through a breakup or divorce might be one of the hardest moments of your life. Grief, disappointment, and stress are all normal feelings. Even when it’s for the better, abruptly losing the stability, support, and companionship of a relationship are difficult.

When experiencing grief:

  • Don’t fight your feelings or suppress your emotions
  • Talk about your feelings and seek professional therapy
  • Remember moving on is the end goal

No one wants to go through a divorce or breakup, but having the skills to cope and heal will make the process a little smoother. Seek the help and support of others. Get outside and cultivate new friendships, spend time with people who value and respect you, and lean into those you trust and love.

Try these three self-care tips:

  1. Explore new interests and make time to take care of yourself daily
  2. Pay attention to your needs and take breaks
  3. Stick to a routine and avoid alcohol, drugs, and food as coping mechanisms

Meaningful relationships can be tough to navigate but they are essential to a happy and healthy life. During this month of cheer, check out for more tips and information on healthy relationships.

The Tuscarawas County Board of Developmental Disabilities (TuscBDD) has resources for children and adults with developmental disabilities. TuscBDD provides Early Intervention for children birth to three years old, Service and Support Administration for people of all ages, family support services, family mentorship, and more! To learn more about these services and others, visit TuscBDD online at or call (330) 308-7173.

Audrey Mattevi, reporting

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