Happy Thanksgiving to our Readers!

Family, our children, a few days off work…just some of the things ‘we’ moms may say we are thankful for this Thanksgiving, but what do our children value most?

Newsymom.com reached out to our readers to find out.

“You know what I’m thankful for? For eating groundhogs…” 

We hope you enjoy what these kids had to say and from the entire Newsymom.com family, we hope you all remember to be thankful for what you have and to have a safe and very Happy Thanksgiving.

HoldenName: Holden

Age: 3

Mom: “Holden, what are you thankful for?”

Holden: “You know what I’m thankful for? For eating groundhogs.”

Mom: “Really…we aren’t that hillbilly…”


LucaName: Luca

Age: 8

Thankful for: Family

Name: Maks

Age: 6

Thankful for: Dogs


Trevor 2Name: Trevor

Age: 12

Thankful for: House

Name: Easton

Age: 4

Thankful for: Our dog



JaydenName: Jayden

Age: 8

Thankful for: For her softball coach because she loves playing and learning.

Name: Trevor

Age: 6

Thankful for: Dog Lilly, because Lilly is his best friend and does nothing wrong.


LelandName: Leland

Age: 8

Thankful for: Also, his dog Lilly. Because she is the prettiest dog in the whole wide world.




DelaneyName: Delaney

Age: 16

Thankful for: For the life she has…and FOOD!




HaydenName: Hayden

Age: 6

Thankful for: Mommy and daddy and Mrs. Hamilton,” her preschool teacher.





Thank you!

Michaela, Jess, Rebecca, Gabby, Shaheedrah, Emily, and Christina.

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