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Healthy Relationships = A Healthier You

Forming and keeping healthy relationships is important to your emotional and mental health. Like your physical health, there are medical professionals that can evaluate and help you foster these essential relationships!

Dear Stark Women is brought to you by the Stark County Health Dept.

Having a “healthy relationship” is about more than just your connection to your significant other. Surrounding yourself with those who love you and support you is important for your mental health and emotional well-being. Additionally, seeing a mental health advocate or relationship expert is an excellent way to keep your personal friendships and relationships healthy, safe, and flourishing.

Why Should I Talk to a Mental Health Professional?

Relationships can impact your well-being and health. Dear Stark Women provides many resources to nurture, grow, and improve these relationships.  Why should you give therapy a try?

  • Guidance on improving communication between you and a loved one
  • Help and support when you feel lonely, hopeless, or anxious
  • Assistance with substance abuse
  • Gentle healing for childhood trauma or past abuse
  • Assistance for living with a chronic health condition (or having a loved one with a health condition)
  • Support while undergoing a big change
  • Grief support after losing a loved one
  • Professional support to understand and accept your emotions
  • Navigation through family issues
  • You need to talk to someone

Emergency Services

Dear Stark Women also provides resources for emergency services. These include rape crisis centers, suicide resources, a domestic abuse hotline, and other time sensitive resources.

You can find resources for healthy relationships on the Dear Stark Women website.

Dear Stark Women, brought to you by the Stark County Health Department, is a one-stop landing page to help families find and get connected to local resources.  The goal of the landing page is to increase awareness of and access to needed resources for after-hours care, affordable care, reproductive care, healthy relationships, mental health, transportation and more. For more information, visit

Audrey Mattevi, Reporting

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