How I get My Kids to Eat Their Veggies!

So many times I have parents ask me how I get my children to eat fruits and veggies every day…well, I don’t give them another option!

Here is my approach:

1.) We only have fruits and veggies in the house.  I do not buy “junk” food, for my health and theirs. My family follows a plant-based diet, mainly whole foods.

2.) My kids eat whatever I make for dinner because I no longer make 5 different meals for each of their cravings.  I stopped making different things for different kids when I realized I was spending all of my evenings making food for kids that don’t eat it anyway, just for me to only end up with cold food every night.

3.) I also always make healthy snacks available, all day long.  My kids can go into the kitchen and grab nuts, seeds, fruits, or veggies any time of day.  I understand all kids are different, but mine are happier with snacking options all day long and hot food for meals.

Smoothies are an amazing option for my kids to get plenty of delicious and healthy fruit and veggies.  I always throw in a handful of spinach into any smoothie because spinach doesn’t have much flavor and the kids don’t realize it’s in there!  My middle daughter loves having “green monster” smoothies!

So, generally, my secret to getting my kids to eat fruits and veggies is not too exciting, I just don’t give them other options.  If we are trying something new I do not force my children to eat food they don’t like, however, I expect them to try it.  I always make sides that my kids like so they are never starving.

But at the end of the day, I just want to be a good mom.

I know we all want healthy and happy kiddos and these are just a few ways I get my kids to eat healthy foods to try and accomplish that goal.



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