How to be an Organized Mom

As a mother, sometimes organization can feel like a far-fetched cry that only exists in fairy tales and Hollywood. But, there is hope that this could be a reality. Take this advice from all of us moms here at

  • They get themselves ready BEFORE their kids. What? Yes, they do their hair, maybe even put on some mascara and get dressed before getting their kids out of bed.
  • Start dinner in the morning. Might sound crazy, but creating a meal plan, prep what you can in the morning or better yet…turning to your Crockpot can set you up for a wonderful #MomWin come dinner time.
  • Do a load of laundry a day. This will minimize that mountain of clothes that stack up next to your washer and dryer every week. Throw a load when you wake up and throw them in the dryer before you leave for work or errands. Fold that load when you get home and just like that…you’re rockin’ Mommyhood.
  • Carry a notebook or use the notebook app on your smartphone! What tasks do you need to do that day? Jot down new tasks you may think throughout the day. Write down new playdates or events that are coming up. ETC.
  • Email yourself. Sounds crazy…but we don’t mean “Hi self, just touching base to see how you’ve been,” although maybe that could be therapeutic in its own right…but that’s another article. Email yourself when you think of things you need to accomplish. Then, organize those random ideas on a to-do list when you get the chance. Studies suggest physically crossing things off a list can create a significant amount of stress AND give you a great feeling of accomplishment.
  • Keep a planner. Take those events and phone calls you jotted down in your notebook or emailed yourself and sit down for 10-15 minutes to write them all out in your planner. Protect said, planner…with your life!

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