This is powerful. Girls are powerful: Momfession

No matter how you voted this past November.

This is powerful.

No matter if you like who is in office now.

This is powerful.

No matter the beliefs you hold.

This is powerful.

No matter anything.

I hope my daughter, who loves to dress up and wants to be a dance teacher now, knows that she can be anything in the future. From now on out, little girls will see that any career they want to take is within their reach.

Children shouldn’t be made to see the negatives adults see in each other. For our daughters, Vice President Harris is a big deal. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like her or like what she stands for, our girls will know her any office they may want to hold is possible.

This inauguration breaks generational barriers.

I know there’s a lot of big thoughts and opinions going on with both sides. It makes these conversations tricky. But, we as parents determine how our children see the world today.

For me, I choose to see the beauty in it all.

Even though she’s only, almost three, my daughter and I have big conversations. We talk about the world because this is where she’s growing up.

She won’t hear malice come from my mouth, just inspiration for her to choose and determine her future.

No matter how the next four years goes, my daughter will grow up believing she can do anything with hard work and dedication. She might not want to be a politician or a mom or a dance teacher. All she’ll know is she can be whatever she wants to be.

We’re living in a world where little girls can grow up to be world leaders, college professors, and moms.

No matter what they want to be, their ability to do so is powerful.

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