Investigation Continues After Candy Sends Students to the Hosptial

The Perry Township Police Department is continuing to investigate after several students received medical treatment after eating Sour Patch Kids candy that was brought to Perry Local High School.

In a press release police note they have identified how the candy made its way into the school.

“It should be noted that the male student bringing the candies into the school brought them to share with friends and did not have any malicious intent,” explained investigators. “His intent was similar to any other good kid, just to be nice to others.”

As for why the candies were separated by color…

“A female student/friend who received one of the bags of candy began telling people that they were laced after a few kids had consumed them when she passed them out.” Investigators went on to say, “This took an act of kindness and twisted it very quickly. This female student was found to be the originator and source of the statement giving rise to this case.”

Officials explain the actions of the female student, “understandably,” set off considerable panic and anxiety within the students who had consumed the candies.

Police recovered the remaining unconsumed chewable candy that other students had, and arrangements were made with the Stark County Crime Lab to analyze the candy, and it was transported to their facility from the scene.

Officials say tentative results reveal the unconsumed candies were not tampered with. They noted one color of the candy could not be recovered because it had been consumed and/or the rest was thrown away.

Investigators have asked that concerned community members respect the privacy of those involved noting, “If it was your family member involved how would you want their privacy treated…Please be respectful.”

Police have recommended to the Stark County Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office that the female student who reportedly made up a story of the candies being ‘laced’ be charged with Disorderly Conduct and Obstructing Official Business.

Michaela Madison Reporting

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