It’s Hard, but Worth It.

So being a mom isn’t always easy, but being a mom with a physical disability is even harder. I am going to talk about it with you today.

I was diagnosed with Charkotmarietooth, and severe hip dysplasia as a teen when my hips popped out and I couldn’t walk. It was in school, English actually, I went to stand and I couldn’t. I was frozen.

I remember my pulse and starting to sweat. I was instantly in shear panic. I had my teacher wheel me to the office in his chair, and the look of fear in his eyes was another reason I started to feel like I couldn’t go on, too much too hard.

I started physical therapy every day of the week. I was given medications I was helped. It was hard to adjust and sad to lose my sports and friends because well welcome to being different. I felt alone. It was hard. I started to hang with people who weren’t really my friend because it was easier than trying to work for a friendship being different.

I realized now it wasn’t them, it was me. I was so sad about these changes I wasn’t able to understand I was still the same me just a little different.

Once I realized this and started to not look at how hard life was for me but accepting my physical condition I was able to make the best friends I have ever had and still hold dear to my heart. It wasn’t how people viewed me that made it hard it was how I was viewing myself.

I have a lot of different adjustments I have to do to complete the simplest tasks but I am working on it, it is hard but worth it. As a mom I have learned to give my children the moral of empathy so they can understand it is okay to be different.

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