It’s Just One of Those Days

It’s a Monday in every sense of the word.

I woke up late, still didn’t want to get up, got all the kids dressed and ready. Took a quick 8-minute shower (5 for the body 3 for the hair lol) threw on a dress and headed out the door. Of course, I was running late (which in my world is usually ‘on time’ for most people). Prayed over my kids, scraped my side mirror backing out and was 1 minute late for work.

Sound a little hectic? Yep, it is. I worked at my 2nd job all weekend 12-hour shifts from 9am-9:15-30pm so I was a little tired. I didn’t drag the way I thought I would thanks to all the water I was drinking I nearly drowned lol

Fast forward to this evening, studying for Joah’s Math test, practicing letters and numbers with Jael, trying to keep the twins out of the pantry and bathrooms, cooking dinner, bath time and bed. Now I know that is one of those run-on sentences that the English teacher moms will probably cringe at but such is the way of life at the start of my days and evenings.

This is not a post to complain, gain sympathy or get virtual high-fives or hugs, this is me having a real Momfession moment that doesn’t include a mini-sermonette or scripture. No, I have not forfeited my faith, the word is still alive in and trust me, the Lord has not forsaken or forgotten me. However, this is a moment where I am staring at the 9 loads of clean laundry that need to be folded and put up and the 10th upstairs that needs to make it’s to laundry closet, as I write this, thinking to myself-I have a lot to do.

Ok sorry this is about to turn into a sermonette, YES there is a lot to be YES there are things out of place and YES I might shed a tear later because I threatened to take my son’s party away if he talks again during class and I told my daughter that she could only have 1 girl scout cookie because as much as I want to share, I just want 1 BOX all to myself. But that does not mean that “one of these days” will set the pace of my week. I was reminded this morning of the gratitude that is sometimes missing from my day to day life. The hustle and the bustle of things wear on me they do, but it the grace that I talked about before that gets me through. However, a heart of gratitude, that’s what we have to remain steadfast in. Never let your bad days outweigh your good days. Never let the routine wash you away. Today was that day for me, it tried to wash me away, but it will not succeed. You know why? Because I am going to eat my girl scout cookies (no judgment from all the fitness moms it’s day #71 of the new year and I’ll eat a salad tomorrow) and I am going to go to bed. I am not perfect; my house has seen it’s fair days of being “not clean” BUT I am still a great mom and I still make it by the grace of God giving my kids the best of me and being sustained by the love and mercy of God. My heart is full of that gratitude tonight, I am thankful I have working limbs to get things done, hands that can prepare a meal, enough love to give to each one of my kids and husband, and the work ethic to keep going to work every day. Tomorrow’s a new day with new mercies and new grace, rest up and MAKE THAT DAY COUNT.

Good Night mommas, be blessed this week, don’t let your bad day control your week. You’re more than that bad day and can better the next day!




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  1. You must’ve known I was about to mention the girl scout cookies lol. 🤣🤣 But I feel u, sometimes we leave the clothes, eat a cookie and go to bed. Try again tomorrow😘

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