JFS Transitions to New System

(New Philadelphia, Ohio) – The Tuscarawas County Job and Family Services, along with all county JFS agencies in Ohio, is working to transition to a new system.

Currently, all 88 counties in Ohio are experiencing a transition from one eligibility system to another. Public assistance benefits have been determined in the soon-to-be-legacy system since 1989.

Ohio County Job and Family Services has been slowly transitioning from the legacy system to the new system since 1/1/2014–beginning with determining MAGI Medicaid (formally Covered Family and Children’s Medicaid).

In August 2016, counties transitioned the elderly and disabled Medicaid from the legacy system to the new system, leaving only the SNAP and TANF assistance programs in the legacy system.

Finally, after several months of troubleshooting, we now get to finish the transition of the remaining SNAP and TANF assistance programs to the new system.

The last day for the County Department of Job and Family Services to be determining eligibility for SNAP and TANF in the legacy system will be 8/22/18.

The first day in which eligibility will be determined for all public assistance programs in the new system will be on 8/28/18.

With this the new system comes innovative ways in which we can communicate and capture information from applicants and recipients–such as being able to apply for Medicaid, SNAP or TANF online at https://benefits.ohio.gov; or being able to complete a Medicaid application over the phone (and eventually SNAP and TANF as well) at the following number:  1-844-640-OHIO.

When an individual creates an account through the online site, they can choose to utilize Interactive Voice Response (IVR), which means upon authentication, the IVR will automatically play benefit summary details including case status and monthly recurring benefit amounts for SNAP and TANF. Individuals can sign-up to receive notifications and reminders via text messages as well.

Individuals can also find helpful information on our County website at www.tcjfs.org .

As part of an exclusive Newsymom.com series, in 2018 Tuscarawas County Job & Family Services will provide a monthly article that targets important issues affecting local parents and children. 

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