Just a Boy and his Mom at the Mall

I know these days won’t last forever as my 4-year-old grabs my hand in his as we walk from the car to the Belden Village Mall. Whoever said boys don’t like to shop has never spent time with my son. He was excited for a fun time at the mall.

But first, we needed to get something to eat. I love the food court at Belden Village. It has his favorite Chick-Fila and my favorite Charley’s Cheesesteaks. It didn’t take long for our meals to be served, and after eating it was time to shop.

Belden Village is easy to navigate with the directory available, and the layout it has of the stores. Box Lunch is one of my favorite stores, and it has a unique variety of clothing, jewelry, and accessories from TV shows and movies. Jaxon had never been there before but fell in love with the Teenage Mutate Ninja Turtles shirt and hat they had.

The sales clerk was helpful in finding the right size for him guiding us to the kid’s section. He loved being able to hand over Mom’s money, and the checkout was a smooth process.

We spent some time in one of my favorite stores at the mall, Torrid. I love that they have plus-size stores at Belden Village. Lane Bryant is another option with an outside mall entrance. Of course, I had to get my Barbie T-shirt in preparation to watch the new movie!


When they were out of my size on a pair of shorts, I wanted it to be a simple process of having them shipped free of charge to my home. If you are anything like me I love going into the store to see what a product looks like, especially clothing, before I buy it. So, the ease of having free shipping was very nice.

Ten out of Ten will be back to Belden Village. There is something there for everyone!

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