Katrina Barton – Candidate for Jackson Local School District Board of Education

An incumbent candidate is looking to voters to reelect her to a seat on the Jackson Local School Board of Education.

Katrina Barton and her husband have two children currently enrolled in the Jackson Local School District and notes a focus to teach them to be good community stewards by being actively involved.

Barton is the General Manager at Belden Village Mall where she explained to Newsymom.com she is proud of the great working relationships she has with the township and other organizations that partner with the school.

She noted she is looking to be reelected in hopes of continuing to bring balance to the board and enhance the experience already represented there.

“I manage a large building that faces many issues similar to the school district,” she said. “The expertise I have been able to share has included building safety and emergency planning, long term capital planning, contract language recommendations to protect the interests of the district in addition to overall management advice and recommendations.”

Barton stressed that she does not have an agenda other than a goal to continue to support Jackson Local Schools and work to move the district forward on the current trajectory.

“I have a vested interest as a property owner/tax payer and parent of children in the district to help it succeed,” explained Barton. “We have a very qualified staff with extensive education backgrounds that do a great job. That is why it is important to have a board who brings a different expertise to fill in the gaps.”

She added her goal is to continue to use her experience and knowledge to support the district; citing the financial, academic and athletic success the district is currently experiencing, while thanking the community for their support thus far.

“As a business owner, tax payer and mother who in completely invested in this community, I am directly impacted by the decisions of this board,” stressed Barton. “As a current member of this board, I would like the public to feel comfortable and confident with what this Board has accomplished and what we stand for. The current administration and district as a whole should be proud of the current “state of the union”. I have been honored to serve on the existing board and truly hope I am able to continue my service.”

Michaela Madison Reporting


Clayton S. Conaway

Kenneth J. Douglas

Lynne S. Kulich – No contact information available.

Thomas W. Winkart – Did not return a message seeking comment.

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