Kids in the Crossfire – Drug Epidemic

I’ve always loved to run, it’s kind of a short little escape from reality for me but a few days ago reality smacked me right in the face. As I looked down I saw a syringe laying on the side of the road not far from my house.

I’m a fine tuned excuse maker for people. Compassion is my middle name, if there is even the slightest bit of good in a person I will do anything to find it.

Kill them with kindness, I guess.

With that comes a problem, I purposely overlook things that are blatantly obvious. So when I saw that syringe I wanted to think well maybe it was for insulin or something with purpose.

That’s what I’d hope anyway.

Truth is, it was probably from the raging drug epidemic taking place hundreds of feet from our homes.

I worry for our children. As a mother it makes me want to suck them in and not let them out into the real world.

As mothers, we will do anything for our children. If you’re reading this you are probably one of those mothers who want to learn about different perspectives of parenting and how other people do things.

Some mothers & fathers are affected by this drug epidemic, I have compassion for them, let me be clear  – for the ones who realize their children deserve more and reach out for help and utilize the help given to them.

I DO NOT have compassion for the addict that puts their kids in harm’s way over, over, and over again. I DO NOT have compassion for the compulsive lying that comes along with a life long relationship with drugs. I DO NOT have compassion for the parents who place their children in the middle of these situations. I also CAN NOT have compassion for the broken legal system that is supposed to care for these children and put their best interest first.

Who I do have compassion for is the foster parents, the families and friends who take these children in and sacrifice their time and yeah, I’m going to say it – money – to get these kids back on the right path. Only for them to be taken from them years later because the law says they can.

This county is overflowing with these cases and the drug epidemic is exploding but the real victims – I’d like to say I’m sorry here but I won’t – are not the drug addicts.

It’s the children and the families doing the parents job that are caught in the crossfire.

It’s time for a change, time for something to happen if you’re struggling with drugs take control of your life before it’s too late. First and foremost recognize the needs of the innocent children that are being pulled through the messes you’ve made.

💜 Jess

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