Know the Difference: THC vs. CBD

While THC and CBD are both cannabinoids and are used interchangeably, they are definitely not the same thing. Do you know the difference?

This awareness campaign is brought to you in partnership with Empower Tusc.

THC and CDB are the two main cannabinoids from the marijuana plant that are of medical interest. That said, neither is approved nor recognized by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration.

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol)

THC is a mind-altering ingredient in marijuana. It’s what makes the user feel “high.”

  • Used recreationally to get high
  • Can reduce nausea and increase appetite
  • May decrease pain and inflammation, and improve muscle control problems

CBD (Cannabidiol)

CBD is a cannabinoid that does not make people “high.”

  • Is not intoxicating and is not generally used for recreational purposes
  • Useful in reducing pain and inflammation, and controlling epileptic seizures
  • May be useful in treating addictions and mental illness

*It is very important to note that THC products are legal in Ohio, but only when obtained from an Ohio dispensary with physician approval.

Audrey Mattevi, Reporting

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