Little Feats, Big Victories

“I go into the dining room to wipe down the table and I hear screaming…”

FlipStanding at the kitchen counter looking out the window I can see the kids playing in the yard. One on the trampoline, one swinging a bat, the other napping.

I go into the dining room to wipe down the table and I hear screaming. Loud screaming like someone is really hurt or someone is in my yard that isn’t supposed to be there. I drop what I’m doing and run out the door as fast as I can when the boys meet me half way. Legs are shaking at this point

“What’s wrong, what’s wrong??!?”

My 6-year-old, “I landed it mom, I did it I landed it,”  tears welling up in his eyes

“Your front flip!!! Oh my gosh that’s great let me see!”

He runs back with such pride, sticks the landing.

I am overjoyed, 1. Because he is so happy and proud of himself and 2. Because I thought I was running up on a much scarier scene.

I watched him flip a few more times and thought this is his life right now. That overwhelming accomplishment for him is mastering a front flip on the trampoline.

Often we find ourselves lost in our big adult ‘problems‘ that we forget that their little victories or problems are just as big to them as ours are to us.

He has a special way of wearing his heart on his sleeve and if that means shedding a tear of joy because he just landed a front flip well by golly I’m going to stand there and act like he just won the Olympics.

<3 Jess

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