Local district to return to full, in-person learning

(New Philadelphia, Ohio) – Buckeye Career Center will return to full, in-person learning the week of March 15, 2021.

Group A junior and seniors students will report on Monday, March 15; Group B junior and senior students will report on Tuesday, March 16; and all students will be in the building together beginning Wednesday, March 17. This will permit BCC to return to a normal, nine-period schedule, allowing students to participate in the lab for four periods each day and complete academics and lunch during the other periods. Currently, students were in lab all day for two or three days each week and were to complete their academics remotely on the days they were not attending in-person at BCC.

This is the first time this school year that all Buckeye Career Center students will be in the same building, at the same time. Superintendent Bob Alsept believes the time is right to make this necessary change. “We feel it is very important to return all students to our standard learning environment after several months of a hybrid, remote and in-person model,” said Alsept. “Research shows that the student population is the least susceptible group when it comes to contracting COVID-19. It also shows that our numbers locally have decreased significantly and cases at BCC have also fallen.”

BCC staff members, who wanted the vaccine, received their second doses Friday, March 12. “We entered the school year with a plan that made safety our top concern, while also trying to maintain a hands-on learning approach that would allow our career-tech students to succeed. We have now come to a point where we feel in-person learning is safe and achievable for our students,” commented Alsept.

Parents and families have received an all-call with information regarding this plan. Students will be in session for two weeks, prior to spring break, the week of March 29, which will allow BCC administrators to review and re-evaluate procedures, if necessary. Face coverings will still be required and social distancing will be observed, with all other existing safety protocols still in place, as well. Public service operations will remain closed at this time.

Students or parents with additional questions are encouraged to contact Buckeye Career Center at 330.339.2288 or visit our website www.BuckeyeCareerCenter.org for more information.

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