Local High School Sends Supplies to Haiti

Thursday morning Lake High School students and staff packed a shipping container full of supplies to send to schools in Haiti.

Abbey 3According to reports, 17-year-old Abbey Windham, who will be a senior for the 2018-2019 school year, organized the donation as part of her service project for the National Honor Society.

Windham explained her family’s connection with Haiti and why she is so passionate about giving back via a GoFundMe account established for the project. She noted that TeacHaiti, located in the capital of Port-au-Prince, is the school she’s chosen to receive the donations. “Their mission is to provide education, food, and clothing to children that otherwise would have no hope of attending school,” said Windham. “This school was founded by a dear friend, Miquette Denie, who grew up in the mountains of Saint Michel, Haiti. I have had the opportunity to visit the schools and [have] been able to meet the children we have supported.”

Wingham goes on to explain the school “has ignited a passion in me to bring hope, blessing, and encouragement to others. Observing their deep appreciation for school and learning has made me even more grateful for my own educational opportunities.”

AbbyThe Lake Local School district is building a new elementary school and is adding on to its middle and high school buildings in Uniontown, Ohio. District officials offered to donate unneeded items that did not sell in an online auction held in May.

Additionally, Wingham added in the narrative on the project’s GoFundMe Account, “We also identified items that TeacHaiti specifically needed and participated in the online auction. We were able to purchase items valued at more than $150,000 to send to the two schools.” Wingham’s family spend more than $8,000 on the purchase of the items through the online auction. 

Overall, the project collected more than 500 chairs, roughly 120 tables, about 83 computers, 14 smart books, more than 300 desks, seven Tv’s, several whiteboards and boxes of various supplies such as textbooks, pencils, binders, notebooks and more.

However; Wingham goes on to explain the need is still there in order to get the items collected to Haiti. “We have ordered the first 40′ shipping container, [which, students worked to fill on Thrusday], and are quickly finding that we will need a second. She noted each container cost roughly $4,800. Additionally, Haiti Customs, duties, taxes, wharfage, etc. costs between $2,500 and $3,500.” The GoFundMe page has a goal to raise an additional $17,000 to help ship the items to Haiti and supply students there with even more.

“This is our opportunity to bless the children of Haiti with resources that they could only dream of and would never become a reality without your support,” added Wingham. She is hopeful they will be able to get the items to Haiti by early August. 

Additional donations can be made by visiting the project’s GoFundMe account or through Evermore Church, 1470 Smith Kramer St. NE, Hartville, OH 44632. She asks that donations made through the church should include “TeacHaiti” on the memo line.


Michaela Madison Reporting

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