Local Woman Danielle Dickey is the Face of Courage & Strength 

It comes in waves. 

Sometimes it’s when I am brushing my daughter’s hair, when my son says something funny, or when we are all together sitting under blankets watching a movie.

I think about her, and her girls. How she doesn’t get to have these moments with two of them because they were taken to soon.

Imagine the worst day of your life, loosing a child as a mother. Now imagine losing two in a house fire.


I want to set the back story only so you can understand what true faith and strength consists of.

At this trying time in her life she was also pregnant with her third daughter.

One evening while we visited, sitting on her couch she smiled telling me a story of how she chased her youngest daughter – affectionately named “Memory” (Emy for short) – around her house because her breath smelled similar to the way Viktoryas breath used to smell.

A smile washed over her face as she spoke of her.

Isn’t that what we all like to do is sit around and talk of our kids and the little moments and memories we make with them.

She said “you bless me, you are always doing something with your kids.”

What a compliment.

I bless her?

I wanted to jump on the couch and say are you kidding me…..

YOU BLESS ME! You are the true face of strength.

You’d think the tragedy of her two young daughters would be the end of her suffering but unfornuatley it is not.

Years flew by after her daughters untimely passing and she started noticing some changes in her body.

She began testing for a tumor the doctors located on her brain stem. She recently underwent surgery for a biopsy.

Knowing she was going to have to shave some parts of her hair she went to have her hair cut before the operarion.

To give you an understanding of the type of person Danielle is I’ll share this story. When she went in for her hair cut she was given an undercut. In the undercut she had her husband’s initials shaved because it just so happened to be his birthday. They laughed and shared the video on social media when she gave him his birthday surprise.

A time that may have been so difficult for others, she took in stride making everyone who watched laugh and encouraged.

She is a take control woman but also an I surrender all lady who has turned tragedy into faith.

When the testing came back we were all relieved to hear the tumor is benign. Although she will have to have radiation in Cleveland five days a week for seven weeks. That’s almost 200 miles round trip daily she will be traveling.

I am moved to help. I want our readers to understand this woman in the face of unspeakable tragedy just continues to dig in her heels and say not today, not ever, I will rise, I will pray. She is inspiring to watch and to be around.

Did I mention before her diagnosis she drove school bus and also is a certified foster care provider?

She continues to give herself in any way possible to our community and I want us to give back to her. The thing I love the most about this area is we help one another.

Ironically today her oldest daughter Eclipz, would have been 15. I can’t think of a better gift to give than to take care of her mother that has selflessly taken care of so many others in spite of trial after trial.

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💜 Jess

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  1. Sister Danielle Dickeye you’re a woman to be honored, admired, written in history and exalted for the strength and faith you have. Also for the biggest heart ❤️ in Ohio. You are a quiet encourager and example for many to follow. God bless you sister abundantly.

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