Lt. Governor launches #IWantASeason campaign

(Ohio) – Ohioans are being encouraged to do their part to slow the spread of the coronavirus and ensure athletes have a season.

Husted announced the campaign during Tuesday afternoon’s press conference explaining, “today, we are launching the #IWantASeason Campaign. This is a way for #Ohio athletes to take to social media to tell their friends that “I am wearing a mask – I am practicing social distancing – I am washing my hands – and I’m doing it because I Want a Season.”

The announcement came the same day that Governor Mike DeWine announced that masks will now be required in seven counties. Husted also announced during the press conference that tournaments, games, and scrimmages for contact sports are now permitted, but all coaches, players, and team staff will require testing until July 15th.

Husted indicated the median age of those who have contracted the virus has gotten younger, potentially indicated younger individuals have started to relax in terms of the precautions they are taking. He noted that this campaign gives them another reason to continue to take precautions to help slow the spread because they want a season.

Husted took to Twitter where he shared a photo of his younger self in a football uniform where he said, “Sports are more than just games – They teach young people about hard work, perseverance, & teamwork. #IWantASeason because I want those opportunities as soon as possible for today’s young athletes & our success in slowing the spread of COVID-19 will help make that happen.”


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