Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health, Dos and Don’ts when talking about Mental Health.

Its Mental Health Awareness Month.

Lets talk about Dos and Don’ts when talking about mental health.

She’s acting out!
He’s bipolar.

Have you used these types of phrases?

Did you know these phrases create a stigma around mental health?

According to On Our Sleeves if we think carefully about words we choose around mental health, we can help in breaking the stigma.  This involves changing our outlook from a place of judgment to a place of acceptance and inclusivity.

Main ways we can change our language to show empathy.
  1.  Avoid words that label others.
    • Crazy
    • Nuts
    • Not Normal
    • Psycho
    • Schizo
    • Loony
  2. Use non-stigmatizing language.
    • Change your words:
    • “She’s depressed” instead say “She has depression”
    • “He’s bipolar” instead say “He has bipolar disorder”
    • “She committed suicide” instead say “She died by suicide”
  3. Try not to minimize what people are going through by being dismissive.
    • Its not easy to hear “it could be worse” or “just brush it off”.  This is unhelpful and can be hurtful.
    • Practice empathy by being mindful of what others could be experiencing.


Use words that label others.

Use stigmatizing language that labels people.

Minimize what someone is going through.


Use words that show acceptance.

Use people first language that shows acceptance

Practice empathy by being mindful of others.


This awareness campaign is brought to you in partnership with Empower Tusc.




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  1. Thank you for explaining that it’s best to not minimize what people are going through. I’ve been wondering what kind of things I can do to support my friends with their mental health. I’ll be sure to keep this in mind when talking to them.

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