Missing someone – send a mail hug

A great activity to do with your kids as social distancing continues to take a toll.

We are all beginning to feel the negative effects of social distancing. We miss family, we miss spending time with friends, and we miss visiting the places we love most.

This project is a great opportunity to not only entertain and even offer an educational opportunity for your children but to also send some love through the mail!

1.) Take a long piece of paper and trace your child’s head and arms.

2.) Let your child color ‘themselves’ on the paper.

3.) Cut out the shape.

4.) Write or print out this poem to include with your mail hug:

I miss you when you’re far away.

I’d love to see you every day.

But since I can’t come over and play,

I’m mailing you a hug today.

So, although it might be quite a site,

Wrap my arms around you tight.

Do it daily to keep your smile bright

Until we get to reunite.




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