Mom Hack – Make your own Lunchables!

Mom-life is stressful, pandemic, or no pandemic, so why not make it a little easier on yourself?

Now that the kids are out of school we’re back to having to feed them THREE times a day, who knew? (Please note the obvious sarcasm). You can make one of those meals a bit easier with a little time and preparation.

We typically want to resort to those easy grab Lunchables you can get from the grocery store but they can be expensive and not very nutritional, not to mention it may take 2-3 to fill up your growing humans! So, just make your own.

Give yourself some grace and try this. Dedicate a section of your fridge for the lunches. Every Sunday night, make enough sandwiches for each kid for every day of the upcoming week. Place it in Tupperware and then add some cut up fruit, veggies, chips, etc. Line up bottles of water or juice. And just like that, momma gets a break during the week, or more time to get other things done.

This is also a great approach when considering snacks. Dedicate a cabinet, draw, or area in your pantry exclusive to mom-approved snacks. Now, you can just send them to “fend for themselves” during snack and lunchtime!

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