Mom Paints Motivational Murals in Middle School Bathroom

“Throw kindness around like confetti,” “Be the change you wish to see in the world,” just a few of the inspirational messages one mom painted on the walls of a middle school bathroom in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

TwoShari Jackson Link has been painting for about 17 years. She told, “I was contacted by a mom that has a middle schooler at Fayetteville Academy. I had painted for her in the past and she was interested in having some motivational and uplifting murals in the girls’ bathroom at her daughter’s school.”

Link went on to explain that she was extremely excited about the opportunity, “I know how rough the middle school age is, especially for girls.”

She was approached about the project while on vacation and immediately accepted.

However; once she returned from vacation she had only August 14th and August 15th to tackle it as school started August 16th.

Link dedicated 20 hours painting to have the bathroom ready for the first day of school.

How did she choose the messages? Link explained, “I made sure the quotes were bright and colorful and spoke to the hearts of those little ladies.” She added, “I wanted words that would not only uplift the girls that potentially weren’t being treated well but also to nudge those ‘non-nice’ girls to be a little kinder. I focused on things that would speak to everyone.”

Link explained that the school staff shared the overwhelmingly positive feedback with her.

The photos were reached more than 60,000 people. “I really think my hope that it would make an impact has come to fruition,” explained Link. “It warms my heart that my art has spoken to and inspired so many.”

Link added she is grateful her friend and fellow mom, Trina Riddle, reached out to her with the idea.

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