Momfession: I still have dreams

Dreams. What is your dream? We all have at least one.

Sometimes I think that question has caught me off guard as a mom & I have had to dig down deep to find an answer. However, I think over time and as we get older, sometimes they also change. Not because we didn’t pursue them or achieve them yet, but sometimes I think our dreams change because what we want changes with circumstances and life experiences.

For example, when I think back to what I wanted to do when I was younger all I can remember is I wanted to work at Kmart. Probably because my Nana did and I looked up to her. Fast forward to when I was in middle school and even through high school I had a dream of becoming Miss Ohio and then Miss America. I had been in pageants since I was 6 and to me that was the highest level of accomplishment in the pageant world.  Between my senior year of high school and my first year of college, I accepted Jesus into my heart and when I gave my past, present, and future over to God and began to pursue Him and His plans for my life, things began to look a lot different to me. The dream I once had no longer seemed desirable, or even interesting to me anymore. I began to see myself differently than I had ever before and I knew that wasn’t the road I was supposed to take. I began college for Social Work at a branch campus. I focused on school, working my two part time jobs, building a relationship with my future husband (I didn’t know he would be my husband yet), and was seeking the Lord’s guidance and direction and just learning more about who He was more than I ever had before. In those 3 years, we had got married, I was 8 months pregnant with our TWINS when I graduated from college and even though we hit some hard patches, everything fell into place perfectly. God’s timing is truly impeccable.

Back to my dreams— I fell in love with my husband when I was 17 and the path I was going on could have turned out very differently, but by the grace of God and my husband, I can say I am living my dream. I always say that it blows me away thinking about my past and how even when I spit in Gods face and did and acted however it benefited me, He still had a plan for me and pursued me. Even when I was lost and didn’t know what I was doing with my life, I didn’t really have a plan, God still did. Once I gave my life over to Him to finally let Him do what I was made for—I fell in love with a man who was sold out for Jesus. The Jesus I didn’t have a relationship with at the time, it was all head knowledge to me. I have said before I didn’t know I wanted this life, I didn’t know that this was going to be my dream. God knew what dreams I would have before I even did.

I sit here typing away like I am in middle school typing class and have to finish first, because the baby is sleeping beside me and I’m waiting on the other 3 to come barging through the door with a request and wake him up. Bottom Line–being a mom was a dream I had tucked away in my heart that I didn’t know I had, along with wanting a big family with the greatest friend, husband, and dad to our babies, I could have ever asked for.

Now we dream together.

We dream of our farm with acres and acres as far as you can see, filled with cows and horses, with a huge farm house with a wraparound porch. We dream of sitting in our rocking chairs together, overlooking the field, our long driveway with trees lining it, garages for his old cars and trucks, and a workshop for him to make furniture and a dance studio for me above it with old wooden floors so I can teach and share with our girls my love for dance. We hold tight to this dream, and we believe it in our hearts that God is making a way, all in His perfect timing.

You have a dream, maybe its tucked away or put on hold, maybe things don’t look quite like you thought it would, but I believe that it’s there for a reason, it’s a desire God has precisely placed in your heart for a purpose.

Take a step towards it this week, you’ll be glad you did.

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