Momfession: Three Days of Mom…ehem…Me-Time!

I’m faced with the first real amount of time away from LO and I’m full of emotion.

I can’t wait to leave…

But, I’m dreading it!

Three whole days without cuddling her and loving her and hearing her sweet little laugh. Three whole days without being completely in control of every aspect of her life. Three whole days without spending priceless moments with her.

Three whole days…of absolutely NO mom-responsibility!

I am all tore up inside because I am going to miss my little princess more than words could ever explain. It’s just going to seem off. But, there’s a part of me…looking forward to it.

I will be completely my own person. It may sound somewhat harsh and insensible, but it’s true. The idea of getting the opportunity to focus 100% of my attention on myself and my career over the next three days is exhilarating.

Monday…Tuesday…and Wednesday I will be only Michaela Madison. I will focus on being a journalist and continuing to grow and fine tune my skills and experience. I will shake hands, wear heels and blazers and carry only a pen and paper.

My arms will be absent of the 20 pound, love of my life…for three whole days.

I am going to miss her beyond words. I am probably going to sit in my hotel room at night, thinking and worrying about what she’s doing and how she’s doing it.

I’m probably going to be terrified that in the three days I’m gone she’ll walk, say a new word…write a book…become president. Who knows! Three days…that’s a long time!

My poor mother-in-law will likely have to block my calls or put her phone on silent to avoid my over-protective calls just to “check in.”

But, I’m looking forward to it. Not only is it good for a momma to be reminded that she is still her own person, but it’s important for the little one to spend time with other people that love her. To build relationships and independence away from momma. (As much as the thought makes us all cry).

So, I’m looking forward to time away to reenergize who I am personally and professionally. But, I CAN’T WAIT to get back =)





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