Moms Are Raving About These Picture Frames to Display and Store Artwork!

Moms Are Raving About These Picture Frames to Display and Store Artwork! – We can all say goodbye to fighting over space on the fridge and on our schedule boards: this inexpensive Amazon find is worth everything! Find out what tried and true product is saving us from the piles of artwork clutter right here on Newsymom!

The worst thing for us moms is trying to make space for our child’s latest masterpiece they’ve brought home from school. There’s only so much fridge space and a handful of magnets to display our children’s art (because they go missing like everyday)…

Add into that having multiple kids and it’s always a battle for who gets their accomplishment displayed on the refrigerator… Not anymore. We don’t have to feel guilty about whose piece gets featured with this Newsymom tried display frame!

Newsymom Founder, Michaela, Finds The Ultimate Frame To View, Change, and Store Your Child’s Artwork!

This frame is a mom’s dreamboat. It has a door to open and change the featured piece, as well as bands to store the additional artwork within it!

It’s so easy to switch up the artwork inside! The bands keep everything tucked inside, safe and sound. No more piles of clutter.

On top of that, the dimensions are perfect and the price is SO reasonable, compared to its pricier competitors. For $22.99, clutter-free is within reach!

We’ll save you time! Click the link here to “Add to Cart”:

Artwork Display Picture Frame

Your kid will feel like the next Picasso seeing their artwork on display for all to see!

Stay tuned for more mom tried-and-true products to make your life as easy as pie.

Melissa Klatt


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