Mom’s Night Out at Belden Village Mall

It’s 5:50 pm and I’ve just pulled my car into the parking lot. As I ease into a spot near the food court entrance, I feel the stress of life and the weight of my day melt off my shoulders. It’s Monday night and this momma is taking a little “me-time” to shop at the local, vibrant Belden Village Mall.

Although I parked conveniently close, I’m still feeling the heat of summer as I exit my car and make my way inside. I pull open the doors and enter the mall’s food court, and I am immediately rewarded with cool air conditioning and delicious smells from the 12 restaurants and eateries.

‘It’s going to be tough to narrow down a dinner decision later!’ I think to myself.

First things first, I’m meeting up with my friend Melissa and her daughter, Xiomara. I’m hoping they can help me make some important financial decisions. Then we’re off to Macy’s!

Bags, Toys, & More at Macy’s

I’m heading to the beach next week with my family and I’d like to grab a new cross-body bag for myself. I’m absolutely not disappointed in Macy’s selection. Bags of all shapes, sizes, colors, and prices are neatly organized and beautifully displayed. I’m trying to decide between two different bags when Xiomara gets distracted by Macy’s Toys-R-Us section. I won’t lie, I’m mesmerized by all the colors, characters, and choices, too. We put the bags on hold and pop up the escalators to the kids’ department!

Between the Peppa Pig, Blue’s Clues, and Pokemon displays, I’m more than momentarily distracted from my bag hunt.

‘Maybe I’d better find my daughter a new toy for the long car ride,’ I think.

In our house, we’re currently obsessed with Blue (from Blue’s Clues) and the Mickey Mouse gang. Macy’s has a great selection of toys, games, and activities from each franchise! I’m just about to pull the Minnie Mouse Bow-Care Doctor Bag Set from the shelf when the kids’ clothing section catches my eye.

Any girl-mom/aunt/grandma will tell you they can NOT resist buying new clothes for their little princess. I, too, fall victim to cute clothes every. single. time. And Macy’s is not lacking in cute clothes!

It doesn’t take long to decide on a cute pair of pajamas for my daughter. She is Disney-obsessed and Macy’s has an amazing selection of Disney clothes, pajamas, and accessories. After picking out a few more perfect summer outfits, I make my way to the register to check out. I’m greeted by Cheryl’s smiling face and we chat while she rings up my purchases. (Side note: I always thought my mom was nuts for making conversation with strangers. Turns out, I love making small talk with the friendly people I run into at Belden Village Mall!) Cheryl is a sweetheart and so excited to help me save a little money and gain some Macy’s Star Rewards!

After I leave Macy’s, I have my sights set on Journeys Kidz.

New Kicks at Journeys Kidz

Xiomara and her mom split off to check out a few more stores before the mall closes for the night, so I’m left alone with my Journey’s gift card and my thoughts. (Honestly, a dangerous combination!)

I won’t lie- I’ve been practically drooling over the new Vans x Sesame Street collaboration for weeks. I know exactly what I’m after and I’ve got my fingers crossed that Journeys Kidz can deliver. Spoiler alert: They definitely deliver.

After checking out their adorable kid-size Hey Dudes and playfully designed Converse, I headed to the Vans section. (Isn’t it awesome when a store is divided up by brand and you know exactly what you’re looking for will be in that section??)

I am beaming as I pick up the pristine, colorful, size 7 Sesame Street Vans. My daughter is going to squeal with delight when she sees these! (Heck, I’m practically squealing with delight!) The woman behind the counter is so helpful and excited for me as I pay for my purchases. Turns out, she just bought the same pair for her godson! When my daughter starts school next fall she’s going to be stylin’.

I have to physically hold back from skipping out of the store.

A quick glance at my watch tells me the mall will be closing soon and my solo night out is coming to an end. Final stop? Getting something yummy at the food court.

As predicted, it’s a tough decision. I finally decide on some chicken and rice from Stir Fry 88. I settle in at a comfortable, clean table and begin one of my favorite mall activities-  people-watching! It’s amazing how many different kinds of people visit the mall. To my left, there’s a group of high school girls, sharing smoothies and gossip across their high-top table. Another group of kids, this time with their dads in tow, excitedly skip past me with their new Build-a-Bear purchases. Couples out on a date night, grandmas spoiling their grandkids, and families getting a jump on their back-to-school shopping all breeze past me as I crack open my fortune cookie. Before long, it’s time to dump my trash and make my way home with all my new goodies.

Of course, as I’m clicking my seatbelt and pulling out of the Belden Village Mall parking lot, I realize nearly all my treasures from the night were purchased with my daughter in mind. Oops! I guess you can give the mom a night off, but a mom is never really off duty 😉 Oh well! Looks like I’ll be back again soon to spend some time and money- this time on me!

Belden Village Mall

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