Mother of 4 admits she misses being “immature and selfish” in tearful Instagram post

The 31-year old mother explained to her followers how she “doubts every decision.”

Jessica Hood lives in Australia. She shared a tearful Instagram post that moms from anywhere can relate to. In the post, she explained that motherhood has ‘played havoc’ with her mental health as she raises four children under the age of six with her husband. She goes on to explain to her 54,000 followers that she regularly doubts the decisions she makes for her family and admits some days she doesn’t want to be the “responsible one.”

In her emotional post, she opens up explaining “It’s hard being a mother even on a good day. It’s hard trying to raise my children to be good people when I don’t even think I’m one myself.” The stay-at-home mother added sometimes she even “fantasizes” about “running away to a deserted island with endless cocktails and sunshine.”

Like many others, Jessica admits in her post that sometimes she feels she has lost her identity through becoming a mother. She noted how her life has drastically changed and she misses adult conversations and wearing clothes that aren’t covered in spit-up.

As she admitted how lonely motherhood can be and how mothers often compare their lives to perfect pictures and stories on social media, she concluded with a reminder to her fellow moms to “take five and breathe.”

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