National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week

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Q and A to help with National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week

Q.  Why do people take drugs when they know they are bad?

A.  Every day we all make choices that affect our health.  Drugs are used for a lot of different reasons, like to deal with life challenges, to escape from reality, relieve pain, or to just fit in-just to name a few.  Some people struggle to not use drugs even though they know they are not good for them.

Q.  What are the effects of drugs like Xanax and Percocet?

A.  Xanax and Percocet are both brand name prescriptions that treat certain medical conditions when used properly as directed by a doctor.  If used in the wrong way Xanax and Percocet can cause severe adverse health effects, including overdose, large doses can cause life-threatening liver damage.

Q.  What are bath salts?

A.  When a teen ask us for bath salts they are most likely not asking for Epson Salt for a relaxing bath.  They are talking about synthetic cathinone, which are stimulants made in labs.  These can cause extreme wakefulness and elevated heart and breathing rates.  Many seek these drugs because they are viewed as cheaper substances for stimulants like methamphetamine and cocaine.

Q.  Can you get addicted to ADHD medication?

A.  ADHD medication is helpful and safe and a very low risk for addiction if taken properly with the diagnoses of ADHD.  Sometimes people take these meds to attempt to get high, to stay awake longer, or to stay focused while studying.  If misused these medications can cause headaches, nausea, feeling anxious, and sleeping problems.

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