National Nutrition Month: Fuel for the Future

National Nutrition Month: Fuel for the Future – March is National Nutrition Month and we’re gearing up to educate everyone on nutrition, so we can continue to fuel for the future! Do you know how to eat with the environment in mind? Do you know how to nourish your body and save money? Look no further; the answers are right here on Newsymom!

This is Public Health is brought to you in partnership with the Tuscarawas County Health Department.

Here at Newsymom, we’re making it our mission to not only eat better, but fuel our bodies for the future! Thanks to our friends at the Tuscarawas County Health Department, we can help spread the word on how we can all nourish our bodies sustainably so our future selves will thank us!

Check out the following tips below on how to eat sustainably:

#1 – Dedicate your family to trying a new fruit or vegetable every week this month (and beyond)!

Eating more plant-based foods is sustainable and your gut will thank you! For this month, try a new fruit, vegetable, or other herbs to see what your family likes and doesn’t like. Accept an even bigger challenge and try something new every week for the whole year!

#2 – Test out plant-based, meatless options with your family.

Beans, peas, and lentils are plant-based sources of protein that will pack a delicious punch in your home-cooked meals. Even if you can’t get behind going entirely meatless, try making smaller portions of red meats in your meals and up the intake of fiber-rich veggies for your sides!

Do you know how to portion your meals? Visit for more info, fun games to teach your kids portions at meals, and more!

#3 – Season your food with herbs, spices, and citrus fruit!

We have a theory that you can make anything taste good if you season it! Hit up your local grocery store for fresh herbs, spices, and add a zing of lemon or lime to your next meal.

#4 – Save that box and look at the Nutrition Facts label!

Do you know how many products have corn syrup, added flavors, and sugar? Grab that label and look at the ingredients to see what’s impacting your kids’ health. Use an app like Yuka to scan the barcode of the items you have in your pantry to see the score on your family’s health. You can even find better alternatives to things you already buy!

Use an app like Yuka to help empower your buying decisions when it comes to food, lotions, and personal care products!

#5 – Incorporate more learning opportunities about how food grows and is harvested to nourish our bodies.

Lots of people, kids and adults alike, don’t know the time and care it takes to grow and harvest food for us to eat! Teach your kids hands-on by growing plants from seed to harvest, take them on field trips to local farms and markets, and make a day of preparing food with your kids from scratch!

Apply these tips in your home, workplaces, schools, and communities so we can share an even bigger appreciation for the food that fuels us, now and into the future!

The Tuscarawas County Health Department wants to support you to be the most active, sustainable member of the community that you can be! Call them at (330) 343-5555 x. 100 to make yourself a priority and check in on your health! They can perform physicals, screen your health in a variety of ways, and bring your vaccine schedule up to date. 

The Tuscarawas County Health Department has even more services than you can imagine! Visit them at to see what other services they offer you and your family. Follow along on Facebook (@tchdnow) for the latest nutrition tips to fuel your family now and into the future!

Melissa Klatt


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