Ninja Mom

A sleeping baby is a beautiful thing. Just watching as the tiny human you created lies there completely happy, satisfied and sleeping peacefully.

But, not only is it a fleeting moment to cherish simply because little won’t be little for long but because it’s a shameless moment of freedom.

That moment to set aside the Mom-badge and replace it with just the YOU-badge.

Sure, that often means doing a quick load of laundry, washing the dishes or making the bed more so than enjoying a spa-like bubble bath and a good book.

But, a moment without a tiny helpless human attached to your hip is also a moment to cherish.

We’ve also all had those days in which it seems no matter how tired or how elite your baby-rocking skills have become, those tiny eyes refuse to close.

You rock, you sing, you walk…you cry. But nothing seems to work. You feel as though you’ll get absolutely nothing done and you swear your child will stay awake for the rest of your life. Until it happens.

You’re not exactly sure what you did, but it seems magical as you lie her down into her crib and gently close the door (making sure to slow down at just the right point so to avoid the creek).

Then just as you take on your next task or that warm bubble bath, you stop in your tracks. You peak through the crack of the door to allow your eyes to confirm what you’d been dreading.

Your loud, unpredictable cell phone is lying right next to sleeping beauty. You panic. Because in the same moment you see her eyes are open again, but she’s beginning to drift away to dreamland.

What do you do? You can’t just walk in because she’ll see you. You can’t leave it because someone could call or text you at any minute ripping this “you” moment from your fingertips.

Then you accept the inevitable. You must immediately transform into a stealthy ninja. You dip to a crawl while avoiding the known creaky spots on the floor like a game of Twister. You become one with the floor as you slither past the crib, just below eye level.

Your cat-like reflexes allow you to quickly and silently snatch the evil villain from the table and tuck it safely into your pocket.

Then, just as before, you creep back to the door and roll to safety.

You smile with pride and take a second to check your social media account and maybe even your email…which ultimately becomes your “you” moment.

<3 Michaela


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