Novosel DIY Home Projects – DIY Puck Light Hack

When you’re wanting to light up your home without additional wires, this puck light hack can help save you time and money.

This DIY Home Project is brought to you by Novosel Real Estate LTD.

Older homes can lack lighting and an adequate amount of electric sockets. Some homeowners like to remodel or change their rooms around often. Either way, there’s easier ways to create lighting without more electrical work.

This puck light hack can be done by anyone and you can find all the supplies online or in home improvement stores.

Here’s what you’ll need:
  • Sconces (lights)
  • Command Strips
  • Light Socket Adapter
  • Puck Lights

To make this hack work you only need to do a few steps.

First, is to place your scones or any light source. If it’s a hanging light, this might take some extra time and installation. One issue you may run into is the wires on the back of the sconces. You can easily hide these.

After you have the sconces set up, the rest of this puck light hack is easy.

Next, add a command strip to each puck light and on the other side, attach the light socket adapter. You’ll screw the bulb into the light socket adapter.

Once they’re connected, all you have to do is click the light and turn it on.

This DIY puck light hack will save you money to do while brightening up your space in a short amount of time.

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