Officials Issue Bicycle Safety Reminder

More children ages five to 14 are seen in emergency rooms across the nation for bicycle related injuries than any other sport.

That’s according to the Tuscarawas County Health District in Ohio. Officials note that in 2016 there were over two dozen reported injuries in just one ER in the county.

Statistics show that nationwide, more than 200,000 children end up in the ER after an injury involving a bicycle.

In an attempt to keep kids safe, the Tuscarawas County Health District is offering helmets for children ages one and up, for just $10 each.

Officials say the agency has 36 helmets to distribute this summer thanks to a grant from the”Put a Lid on It” program, offered through the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Reports also suggest that it is important the helmet fits correctly. A few tips to ensure it does include:

-The helmet should fit securely for the size of the person’s head.

-With the helmet on your head, position it so that when you look up you can see the rim of the helmet.

-Make sure the strap is fastened so that it makes a “V” under your ears when buckled tightly, but comfortably.

-Once buckled, open your mouth wide. The helmet should hug your head tightly, if not, tighten the straps.

-If your helmet is ever in a crash or becomes cracked, you should replace it.

Also, motorists should remember that it is Ohio law to give bicyclist three feet of room when you pass.

For more information visit the Tuscarawas County Health Department.

(Photo courtesy of the Tuscarawas County Health Department’s Facebook page.

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