Ohio begins to reopen, but daycares remain closed

Governor Mike DeWine is beginning to reopen the state little by little, but with daycares still closed, parents may find themselves in a tough situation.

As people prepare to head back to work with retail and service companies reopening, reports indicate daycare facilities in the state will remain closed. DeWine announced on Monday that they are still working on a plan to reopen daycares. “It is very important that we get this right,” he said. “We don’t want to announce a date until we have the protocols in place. We’re focusing on the safety of the kids, their families, and the employees.”

He indicated in his regular press conference that they will not move forward with opening the facilities until a science-based and safety-based plan is established. Most childcare centers have been closed since mid-March when DeWine ordered them to operate under a temporary pandemic childcare license.

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The order mandates each center to limit six children in each room and parent interactions during drop-off and pickup. The licenses are short-term and officials noted they were created in order to allow daycare centers to keep serving children whose parents are specifically in health care, safety, and other essential industries.

Officials added that by the end of the day today (Tuesday, May 12th) it is expected that 90% of the economy will be open.



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