OHIO – Governor promises students will return to school in the Fall

(Ohio) – Governor Mike DeWine made a big promise on Tuesday.

The Governor announced publicly that children will return to the classroom on schedule in the Fall and that there will be “no surprises” when it comes to COVID-19 restrictions. This announcement follows months of planning by his office along with the Ohio Department of Education, according to reports. Specific details regarding guidelines that will be in place have yet to be released.

DeWine indicated that he wants children to return to the physical classroom and noted it would be at the discretion of individuals school districts to implement safeguards to protect their students and staff from the virus. “There is a very strong conses in this state and very justifiable, and I agree with it, that we need to get back to school,” said DeWine.

After learning taking place completely online through remote learning options following school shutdowns across the state due to COVID-19 it now appears districts are anticipating returning to the physical classroom, at least one parttime basis.


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