OHIO – Governor signs bill into law requiring childcare providers to notify parents of risk to child’s safety

(Ohio) – Childcare providers licensed by the state of Ohio are now required to notify parents if they are found to have allowed serious risk to a child’s safety.

House Bill 65, also known as ‘Chase’s Law,’ was sponsored by State Representative Rick Carfagna (R-Genoa Township). It requires any childcare providers licensed by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services to notify parents if ODJFS determines the provider allowed serious risk to a child’s safety.

The bill is named after Chase Ward who was only 2-years-old when his caretakers left him behind after a field trip. The toddler was left alone and unsupervised near a busy street in Westerville, Ohio. Officials indicated that while the child as recovered safely, the daycare did not notify his parents of the situation until three-days later. Additionally, the provider was under no obligation to notify the parents of any of the other children under their care.

According to reports, the law currently does not require childcare providers to notify parents, beyond those immediately affected, when incidents causing serious risk to children occur. This is still the case even if ODJFS has investigated and made the official determination. The new legislation changes that and ensures parents are notified of unsafe behaviors and incidents involving caregivers they have entrusted to watch their children

Specific Requirements Under House Bill 65

  • Notification must be provided to parents within 15 business days of the official ODJFS determination of noncompliance.
  • In the event that the daycare requests review of the determination of noncompliance, parental notice will be provided within five business days of the completion of the ODJFS review.
  • Notices sent to parents must include references to the ODJFS website, encouraging recipients to take advantage of the online information.


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