Ohio Joins Nationwide Effort to Recognize Kids in Military Families

Approximately 34,000 Ohio children are members of military families and in April, they are recognized and thanked for the sacrifices they make.

In a press release by the Ohio Department of Education, officials recognize them for the frequent moves and family separations brought about by deployments, as well as reintegration issues, all of which can present special challenges for the children.

Yet, because of their resilience and ability to deal with life-changing events, military children can be an inspiration and source of pride for our communities, schools, and nation, officials add. School districts across the state of Ohio are asked to consider how they can join the national Month of the Military Child in April.

Nationally there are approximately 2 million children that have or have had a parent serve in the armed forces. In a resolution signed by Governor John Kasich, the state pays tribute to the children and families of those in the military.

“Military children are exceptional individuals who play a critical role in the success and support of our nation’s men and women in uniform,” officials note in the state resolution. “Military children are called upon from birth to serve our nation in a unique way, often facing the challenges of transfers, deployments and sacrificing time away from their parents.”

The resolution goes on, “Just as we recognize our men and women in uniform, we must also recognize military children for their steadfast support of their military parents, contending with the difficulties of military service, and exemplifying resilience and fortitude.”

In 1986 the U.S. Secretary of Defense designated the month of April as the Month of the Military Child and April 2018 marked the first Month of the Military Child declaration for Ohio.

Michaela Madison Reporting


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