Ohio State receives $5.5 million grant to study the health impact of youth vaping

The Ohio State University will conduct extensive research on the health effects of e-cigarettes and nicotine on youth thanks to a $5.5 million grant from the American Heart Association.

Researchers will also help develop vaping cessation programs as part of the ongoing research. Recently, the American Heart Association made an announcement that it will distribute nearly $17 million in grants as part of its ENACT: End Nicotine Addiction in Children and Teens research initiative.

The work at the university will be led by Peter J. Mohler, vice dean of research at The Ohio State College of Medicine and director of the Dorothy M. Davis Heart and Lung Research Institute. Joining him will be researchers from the Center for Tobacco Research at Ohio State’s Comprehensive Cancer Center, Theodore Wagener, Loren Wold, Liz Klein, and Megan Roberts.

Additionally, the team will consist of colleagues with the colleges of Medicine, Nursing, Public Health, and Engineering. The research is expected to span over a two-year project called VERIFY: Vaping’s End through Research and Innovation For Youth. According to reports, the goal is to address three areas: the most effective regulations to reduce and appeal and addictiveness of cigarettes for your; the short-and long-term effects of e-cigarettes, including their impact on the brain, lungs, and heart; and the best methods to help youth kick their addiction to e-cigarettes. 


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