Ohio – There will be a season for fall sports

(Ohio) – Governor Mike DeWine announced today that fall sports can move forward.

An official order is expected from DeWine’s administration regarding all youth sports – both under the Ohio High School Athletic Association and other intermural leagues. According to DeWine’s announcement, both contact and non-contact sports will be permitted to move forward with their seasons.

However, DeWine indicated spectators will be limited to a small number of people close to the athlete or other participants, such as marching band or drill team members. The authority to decide who is permitted to attend will fall with schools. Additionally, OHSAA will have site inspectors at games and contests along with traditional health officials to ensure health regulations are followed, such as social distancing.

While fall seasons are permitted to move forward, the upcoming order will also allow teams and leagues to delay sports seasons until the spring if they choose.

Additionally, students will not be required to be tested for COVID-19 to participate in the seasons. DeWine noted most schools would not have the resources to regularly test students. Ultimately, DeWine noted, the final decision rests with schools, teams, and parents. Students with health concerns may decide to pt out, districts experiencing high levels of COVID-19 spread may choose to delay seasons, etc.

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