OhioGuidestone Adds Two Services to Support Recovery

One local behavioral health agency, OhioGuidestone, seeks to provide continued assistance to those struggling with addiction and substance abuse. Along with the many other services they provide, they have now launched The Hope Line and The Peer Recovery Responder. These are free, confidential services which support people on their journey to recovery.

Both the Peer Recovery Responder and The Hope Line provide interactions with real people who do not want those affected by substance abuse to face the the battle alone.

Peer recovery responder, Kathy Bazaar, being 38 years sober from drugs and alcohol, says, “I just wanted to fit in; Through my recovery I came to find my own sense of belonging and self-worth.” She wants to encourage others to discover their own path to discovery. Peer-support was created to meet individuals wherever they are – actively using, experiencing detox, or newly sober. Individuals can find someone they can confide in, and together, they can find strength and hope. A supervisor of the service states, “This is an opportunity for families, friends, or the individual themselves to be able to start asking questions and seeking the support they need to help themselves live the best quality of life, and it doesn’t matter if you’re still using or ready for recovery.”

More information regarding the Peer Recovery Responder can be provided at (330) 343-8171.

Individuals can call or text The Hope Line and expect to be guided through each step in their recovery process. When seeking this service, people will work alongside staff to identify local resources which best benefit them and their needs. Director of Recovery Services for OhioGuidestone, Haley McFarland reports, “We are excited to be launching The Hope Line in both Tuscarawas and Carroll Counties. This line will provide a single point of access to anyone seeking treatment for substance use concerns or other related resources. When someone is ready to get started in their journey to recovery or loves someone still struggling, they can turn to this line for assistance and guidance. It is important for the community to know that together we can reduce the stigma of addiction and provide a safe space for people to get well.”

The Hope Line number is (330) 663-6812.

Both the Peer Recovery Responder and The Hope Line are also services for those supporting a loved one through addiction and recovery. Rachel Wentworth, a Hope Line representative says about the services, “Addiction can be extremely isolating and overwhelming, for both the person who is struggling as well as their loved ones. You don’t have to go through this alone. Let us do the work to get you connected to the support you need.”

For more information on The Hope Line and Peer Recovery Responder services, visit https://ohioguidestone.org/.

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