Parent to Parent – You, Your Kids & COVID-19 Stress

(Canton, Ohio) – Stark County Mental Health and Addiction Recovery has launched a new resource designed to ensure the community can stay connected to valuable information as COVID-19 uncertainty presses on.

The resource is located via the StarkMHAR website and includes information related to specific StarkMHAR programs and Care Network updates as well as tips and guidance when handling stress and more.

The webpage also includes several useful videos designed to encourage the community to find healthy coping mechanisms. And especially for parents, there is a video that addresses concerns and negative feelings they may be experiencing.

“We are trying to help parents and students during this super stressful back to school time,” explained Alyson Rey, Director of Marketing, Communications, and Community Relations with StarkMHAR.

The webpage is completely accessible to the public 24/7 and can be accessed here.

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