Phone Off. Learning On

(Perry Township, Ohio) – A Stark County School district is taking a new approach to keep students focused.

School officials have confirmed that the district has a new slogan, “Phone off. Learning On” for the 2018-2019 school year. A flyer issued by the district explains that phones must be “off and stored out of sight during the school day.”

Officials have indicated that due to the among of technology the district now supplies there is no longer a need for students to have their cell phones during the school day. The flyer notes several statistics including that “50% of teens feel they are addicted to their mobile devices,” that teens “send 60 texts on average during a typical school day,” and that “20% of teens have experienced bullying from others via their cell phones.”

In a letter sent to parents, Superintendent Scott Beatty explained, “In order to invest in their education, students should be fully engaged in the classroom. This means setting aside all of the distractions associated with having their mobile device on.”


The letter also noted that cell phones in the classroom pose obstacles to students’ ability to focus with notifications and social media adding pressure to students. “We want our students to strengthen communication skills with their peers and develop a love of learning without a cell phone interrupting their attention,” added Beatty. ‘The cell phone policy will be taken seriously in order to put learning first.”

During the school day, students will b required to turn off his or her cell phone, “to foster a positive learning environment.” Phones will be able to be stored on the student’s person but must be out of sight.

Officials added that should a parent need to contact a student throughout the day, they should call the school office.


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