Poop Party

Ahh…of all the things you thought you’d celebrate I highly doubt you thought poop would be one of them! But, welcome to mommy-hood.

For new moms the first few days are made up mostly of feedings, checking on the baby, trying to sleep and changing diapers. Also…if you’re anything like me it included the endless counting and tracking and doing my best to stay as sane as possible. One of my many tasks involved tallying up each and every time baby peed and yes…each and every time she had a “dirty.”

As diaper duty approached every couple of hours I was on the edge of my seat. Not because I had to go…but because I hoped she did! And for the first couple of days each time I’d undo that diaper in hopes of being horrified by the baby poo…I was instead horrified to find only a wet one. My new mom brain didn’t handle this well and I jumped back and forth between very…dramatic conclusions. I wasn’t producing milk, she was going hungry…something was obviously very very wrong!

Then it happened. On a warm sunny day in late May, I awoke to a crying baby ready to eat. To my utter surprise and joy when I opened that diaper I was graced with yellow seedy poo and an awful bitter smell!! Yes…this made me happy! That nasty diaper painted a smile on this momma’s face and a poop party was underway! My SO and danced and smiled and the poor kid probably thought we were nuts…and we kind of were.

Have you ever had an odd…maybe even somewhat concerning celebration over something your little one did?

Did you question your own sanity?

Share your story in the comments!



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